Our Vision
To empower and create Unlimited opportunities for women.

Our Mission
Just Undies aims to realize this mission statement by developing, empowering and supporting women to achieve their full potential. Just Undies currently supports women in small business by taking owner run CMT's and financing their operating costs. In this way supporting local women in business. 

1. Staff Empowerment
Just Undies aims to provide employment opportunities for women in SA. We currently employ 60 women mainly from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We strive to uplift individuals through our skills development programme ensuring they become contributing members to the economies of their communities. 

2. Supplier empowerment
We engage the services of local female run and owned CMT & factories, and in some cases have contributed financially to assisting aspiring female entrepreneurs take the step into opening their own facilities and cresting employment for others as well. 

3. Customer Empowerment
Our customer experience is focused around creating and uplifting an inspirational feeling to all who stop by. We believe our products give each woman the confidence to look and feel her best. In some cases we have even been credited to adding the spark into many relationships and even saving the odd marriage.