Just Undies is a women empowered chain of lingerie stores with the core focus on providing the complete assortment of everyday women lingerie needs. From basic underwear and sleepwear to specialized technological products in the industry. The company is dedicated to providing personal service at excellent value. 

The company is 100% owned, managed and run by women and is committed to the development of creating unlimited opportunities for women in South Africa, Africa and internationally. 

Catering for women lingerie needs, Just Undies fills the gap between the high - end lingerie boutiques and budget stores. This is a niche market segment and the group is now well positioned and established to take care of the imitate needs for the fast growing emerging market. 

Just Undies offers quality, excellent customer service at affordable prices, making it possible for all women to indulge. The company seeks to increase brand recognition and market share by strategically sourcing suitable locations in high traffic retail malls nationally and internationally in the long term.