Gentlemen’s Guide: Top Tips to Buying Lingerie for Your Lady

Love stuck? Need a little help?

Attention men! Check out our top tips for men buying lingerie:

Buying lingerie for your lady can be one of the most romantic things you can do. It's an intimate gift which, if you get it right, shows you really care, really do understand her and have put the effort in to really think about a gift she will like.

  1. Snag her Size in a sly Guys, here you have to be a little snoopy.  Take a peek in her drawers to check out sizes of her bras and panties.Pay careful attention to the cup sizes e.g. 34B Panty sizes usually range from S – L
  1. Know her preference Always consider your lady’s character when shopping for lingerie. Have an idea of what she likes. No point buying her g-strings if she wears panties.
  1. Colour Choice Consider her favorite colour. She’ll love lingerie in her favorite shades or consider a color she would wear again even after valentines.

 Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whatever you’re looking for, our expertly trained staff will be willing to guide you through the store to find that perfect gift.

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